Man hit, killed by two 18-wheelers after car broke down in Jones County

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    The tow truck driver who witnessed a gruesome accident in Jones County said two 18-wheelers failed to obey the state's "move over law" when they hit and killed a man.

    David Pickrell was dispatched Friday to tow a car that had broken down on the side of Hwy 92 between Tuxedo and Hwy 277, west of Stamford.

    About 6:30 p.m., Pickrell said he was loading the car onto his flatbed tow truck when two 18-wheelers, one right after the other, “ran over the customer, his vehicle and (my) tow truck.”

    “It was like a bad scene from an Evel Knievel video,” Pickrell said. “Something you don’t ever imagine. Once the smoke clears, the second one hits.”

    Pickrell pleaded for people to follow the move over law.

    The law requires motorists to move over a lane or slowdown when certain vehicles – including police, fire, EMS, TxDOT vehicles and tow trucks – are stopped on the side of the road with emergency lights flashing.

    “People just want to go home at the end of the day,” Pickrell said. “That’s all that kid was trying to do that day -- go home.”

    The Department of Public Safety has not released the name of the victim or the preliminary crash report.

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