Missing Haskell girl, 9, found near Reno, Nevada, biological mom, 2 others arrested

Urijah Livingston and Desiree Ward

The missing Haskell girl that was kidnapped by her non custodial, biological mother has been found safe.

According to Haskell Police Chief Kenneth Barnett, police in Sparks, Nevada got a tip Monday morning that Urijah Livingston, 9, and Desiree Ward, 48, were in the mountains south of Verdi, Nevada.

They flew a helicopter over the area and found a bunch of tents.

Sparks police called in their SWAT team. It took them two hours to reach Livingston and Ward by ATV.

She was rescued about 10 p.m. Monday.

Ward was arrested and booked into the Reno Jail on a charge of interfering with child custody. Barnett said she will be extradited back to Haskell.

Barnett said two other people were arrested after police found another girl reported missing from the Sparks/Reno area.

  • Desiree Ward, 39 - fugitive from justice
  • David Burns, 60 - harboring/concealing/aiding a felon
  • Tina Reid, 55 - kidnapping, harboring/concealing/aiding a Felon

Livingston's stepmother, Shannon, is on the way to Nevada to pick her up.

According to authorities, Livingston was living in Haskell with Shannon, who has full custody. Ward -- who lived in Colorado -- has visitation rights.

Shannon took Livingston to Amarillo around June 20 so that Ward could have custody for the summer.

Barnett said Ward was expected to return Livingston on July 20, but never showed up.

On July 30 or July 31, Shannon got call from Livingston who said she "hadn't taken a shower in about a week" and she wanted to come home.

Livingston told her that they were in a homeless camp in Sparks, Nevada, according to Barnett.

Barnett contacted police in Reno and Sparks.

The Reno Police Department said Ward had been at a homeless shelter as early as Monday.

They were last seen Tuesday in downtown Reno.

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