Old Laguna Hotel in Cisco to be repurposed into apartments


CISCO, Texas - An old building that was once the pride of Cisco is getting a new purpose.

The Laguna Hotel is being converted into apartments.

The future of the building is a hot topic at Waverly's Coffee & Gifts nearby.

"We are certainly excited," said Sean Grose, the owner of Waverly's Coffee & Gifts. "I mean the renovation of any building downtown is exciting."

"I think it's gonna be great for the city," said Greg Thompson, a customer at the coffee shop who spends weekends in Cisco. "There's a housing shortage here, and so it should help that."

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John Diers, the executive director of the Cisco Development Corporation, said Cisco is growing. An investment firm based out of Missouri is renovating the building and turning it into 30 apartment units. He said 10 other units will be built at another location.

The old 110-room hotel was built in the late 1920's along the historic Bankhead Highway, but for the last 20 years, the building sat empty. All of the reminders of its vibrant past sat to collect dust.

"It was a wonderful meeting place, and it had a banquet hall and was the icon of Cisco for many years," Diers said. "Windows get broken out, doors get broken into. We have some uninvited guests on frequent occasions and a lot of vandalism, and obviously no maintenance. So, the building just deteriorates."

Diers said the $7.7 million project is expected to pump about $170,000 into the local economy every year.

It's just one more reason people in Cisco are ready to see the lights back on at what will soon be known as the Laguna Lofts.

"I think the whole town has had the shared experience of saying, 'Boy, I wish that would come back to its glory,' and the fact that it finally is, it's exciting for everyone," Grose said.

Diers said renovations should begin next month. The project is expected to be finished by the end of next year.

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