Owners of 31 horses in Eastland County arrested in animal cruelty case

(from left to right) Noah Berry Roberson and Debra Rowe Haynie

The Eastland County Sheriff’s Office arrested the owners of 31 horses on Tuesday after the horses were reportedly found malnourished and without water.

Debra Rowe Haynie, 63, and Noah Berry Roberson, 64, both of Ranger, were arrested on five counts of cruelty to animals, which is a Class A misdemeanor, and their bonds are set at $2,000 each.

An Eastland County Judge granted the seizure of 31 horses from their owners in court on Friday afternoon.

The Eastland County Sheriff's Office began investigating a possible case of animal cruelty when they found several horses in Desdemona that appeared to be malnourished and without water on May 31.

Rescue the Animals, SPCA said that they found a horse boneyard on the property.

A search warrant was later executed to seize the 31 horses from the property.

All of the horses are now at the Humane Society of North Texas and after rehabilitation, the horses will be available for adoption.

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