Police investigating Callahan County commissioner for waving gun during road rage case

Bo Morgan

A Big Country police department is investigating a county commissioner after he reportedly waved his gun at a family.

Callahan County Precinct 4 Commissioner Erwin Clark is under investigation for an alleged road rage incident that happened Friday night, according to Cross Plains Police Chief Jarrod Potter.

Bo Morgan and his family were the alleged victims of that incident.

Morgan made a detailed Facebook posts claiming Clark drove into his front yard and pulled a gun.

"He made sure I saw that gun and my family saw that gun more than once," Morgan said. "It's the first time I ever had a gun waved in my face. I'm still shaken up about it."

Morgan said he was on his way home Friday night when he stopped at a stop sign on South Avenue A. Clark then stopped at the same intersection, although he did not have a stop sign.

Morgan said the problem began when he drove forward to cross in front of Clark.

Clark reportedly tried ramming his pick up into Morgan and then followed him all the way to his house.

Morgan said he tried apologizing to Clark.

"I'm sorry," Morgan said he told the commissioner. "I thought you were going to go. I thought you were going to wait. You couldn't make up your mind, so I went ahead."

Potter said he'll be discussing pursuing possible charges with the county attorney's office.

"I have no problems with guns," Morgan said. "But whenever it gives you enough backbone to pull up in someone's yard because they ran a stop sign and wave it in front of him and say, you're a cop, that's my problem right there."

Morgan said Clark claimed to be an officer before Potter identified him as the commissioner.

Clark did not respond to any requests made by KTXS for comment.

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