Roscoe firefighters say Sweetwater dispatchers not giving them 911 calls

The Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department said that Sweetwater's emergency dispatchers are not notifying them of emergencies and they have posted their concerns about the situation on social media.

The Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department's Assistant Fire Chief Robert Hoffman posted a message on Facebook that he called a public service announcement, saying that the Sweetwater dispatchers, "will not page or notify the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department anymore of any emergencies, but it would be [at] the discretion of the shift on-duty."

"We're not notified, we hear radio traffic of something and find out that there's something going on in our area," said Hoffman.

Hoffman claims that it has been like this for years and he said that Roscoe's public safety is in jeopardy if the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department is not getting notified of emergency calls in their jurisdiction, which all go through Sweetwater's dispatchers first.

Hoffman said that his volunteers can get to Roscoe's emergencies quicker than the Sweetwater Fire Department can.

"The ambulance service, the fire service is coming from Sweetwater, which is 8 miles from here," said Hoffman.

KTXS News spoke with Sweetwater Fire Chief Grant Madden about Hoffman's concerns and the post that he made on Facebook.

"For him to go on Facebook and say we are not calling them for any emergency is absolutely false," said Madden.

Madden said that the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department is always notified of emergencies in their area.

"For any fire, for any wreck, any type of rescue, they are the first call, we go in support, obviously," said Madden.

Madden admitted that he does not give some medical calls to the Roscoe Volunteer Fire Department because in 2009, he said that they lost their first responder organization license.

"If they want to act as EMT's, we will absolutely help them get the training, we put on training here," said Madden.

Madden said that the volunteer firefighters in Roscoe have done and still do an outstanding job of serving their community.

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