Man arrested for ‘serious’ threat against Coleman ISD

Coleman ISD

The Coleman Police Department has arrested a 52-year-old man accused of making a “serious” threat against Coleman ISD.

Chief Anthony Smith would not release the suspect's name, but did say the suspect is charged with felony terroristic threat.

The threat was concerning enough that there was an “additional police presence” at each campus and parents were allowed to pick up their kids from school.

"I was scared, that's why I came to get my kids," Misty Skaggs said Friday on her way out of Coleman High School. She has two kids enrolled at the school district.

"I was kind of shocked because it's a small town," Ginger Taylor said. "I didn't expect it here." She has three kids attending Coleman ISD's schools.

Coleman Independent School District Superintendent Skip McCambridge said a man made a threat Thursday night and that police were “treating the threat as serious and handling the individual.”

McCambridge would not say what the serious threat was that the made against the school district.

The Coleman Police Department had additional officers at each of the three schools in the school district.

"It's not a joke to us. None of this was," McCambridge said. "When I say our children weren't in harms way, it doesn't mean we didn't consider it serious. When you threaten student safety, they're our kids and that's very serious."

This was the second threat investigated by the district this week.

A text about a San Angelo ISD threatening to shoot up a school there was sent to several students in Coleman Thursday. The district notified police, which determined there was no threat to Coleman ISD's students or schools.

Coleman parents seemed to differ on what schools can do to keep students safe.

"I don't know what the solution is. I have no idea," Skaggs said.

"If they see students with problems, they should get them counseling before it gets to a point that it kills their fellow students," Taylor said.

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