Snyder man reunited with class ring after 27 years that was found at state park

A Midland man's trip to Lake Colorado City turned into a pleasant surprise for one Snyder man.

Back in 1991, William Johnson and his family were swimming at Lake Colorado City State Park celebrating his graduation when he lost his class ring.

“Next thing I know, I looked at my hand and I lost my ring. I didn't even have it that long,” Johnson said. “We dove down, everybody trying to feel the bottom [of the lake] and we couldn't get the ring. We kept looking and I finally just gave up. I thought I lost it forever."

Johnson’s sister, Leslie Sutton, was at the lake with on him the day that he lost his class ring.

“I remember having to look for it and we looked for hours for it and he was really kind of devastated that he had lost it,” Sutton said.

Little did Johnson know, someone would find his class ring and return it to him 27 years later.

James Staggs of Midland was fishing at Lake Colorado City State Park on Memorial Day weekend when he suddenly came across the class ring.

"I just happened to be walking back up to the camp site and seen that ring just barely sticking out of the hard sand," Staggs said.

When Staggs came home and showed it to his wife, she cleaned it up and posted it on Facebook so that they could find the owner of the class ring.

Nearly 100 people messaged Johnson within a few hours asking him if the class ring belonged to him.

"I thought to myself, that can’t be my ring. You're talking about 27 years ago,” Johnson said. “So, I started messaging her and finally, she messaged me back. Sure enough, in the inside of the ring, it had W.S.J. inside the ring and I thought, I can't believe that that's my ring."

A few days later, the class ring came in the mail and it has not left Johnson's sight since it arrived at his home.

Johnson's wife cleaned the class ring even more and he has worn it every day since he got it back.

“I'm glad that somebody got back something that they lost and I'm grateful to help them out,” Staggs said.

"I think if we all care about the small things a little more, this world would be a little better," Johnson said.

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