Snyder police officer back on duty after getting shot in the head


SNYDER, Texas - Cpl. Darrell Campbell was shot in the head when he responded to a domestic call almost two years ago. But now he's back at the station and wearing that police uniform with pride.

"I responded to a domestic call and as a result of that, I got shot in the head," said Campbell. "That's all I remember. I remember going there and talking to the guy, but I don't remember anything after that," Campbell said.

Cpl. Campbell has spent the last two years in a Lubbock rehab facility.

Now he's back, and proud to serve again.

But the journey hasn't been easy.

"There's been a lot of struggles for him since this has happened," said Chief of Snyder Police Department Terry Luecke. "You know, it's life-changing when something like this happens to an officer," he said.

Doctors said they were shocked Campbell survived - they also said he'd never walk again.

But Campbell is defying all odds, which Luecke says is nothing new.

"He's always been that way," said Luecke. "If you told him he couldn't do something, he's going to prove you wrong."

Campbell says his recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

"I'm doing everything the doctors said I wouldn't do," Campbell said.

Although he still has a long road ahead of him, Campbell believes his life has a higher purpose.

"I think the man upstairs has got a plan," Campbell said. "It just wasn't my time."

For now, Campbell is helping the department with administrative duties, but hopes to one day be back on the streets.

To help Cpl. Campbell, you can sign up for the May 18 "Running for the Heroes" 5K.

For all the information on the event, click here or call Jeanette Pritchard at 325-573-3551.

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