Students, parents react after shooting threat at Sweetwater school

A social media threat about a possible shooting led to scary moments for students and parents in Sweetwater Thursday afternoon.

Both Sweetwater Middle School and Sweetwater High School were put on lockdown Thursday afternoon after a violent threat was supposedly made against Sweetwater Middle School.

Students said the lockdown happened at lunchtime. The lockdown occurred after police learned about a threat on social media that a shooting might take place at Sweetwater Middle School. There was also a report of a photo showing an individual outside the school that was possibly armed with multiple weapons.

“I was getting my food from the line,” said Robert Blakeley, an eighth grader. “I was running to the table when they said get under the table and stuff. It was really scary.”

“Kids were crying,” said Justin Jimenez, a seventh grader. “The door was locked. The lights were off in our room. We were on the floor.”

Some of the students were bused to the Nolan County Coliseum as a safety precaution, where there was a heavy law enforcement presence with several different agencies responding.

Sweetwater Police Chief Brian Frieda said there was not a shooting, but one male juvenile was taken into custody.

“We're not going to take a chance with our children's safety and security,” Frieda said. “We will take allegations. We will work those out and see if there's any validity to them, but we're not going to take any chance when it comes to the security of our campuses and we're not going to play around with this.”

Parents and students were relieved to hear about the arrest.

“I feel a little safer, a little shaken up,” Robert Blakeley said. “I don't really want to go to school tomorrow.”

“[I’m] grateful that the school and police did their job and took care of my son,” said Heather Blakeley, who is Robert’s mother.

Frieda said no one was hurt, but one person did have a medical issue during the incident, who was taken to the hospital for evaluation and is going to be OK.

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