Sweetwater High School fights that lead to 12 arrests caught on cell phone video

According to the Sweetwater Police Department, five separate fights broke out before noon at Sweetwater High School this past Friday.

Students at Sweetwater High School violently attacked each other and it appeared that groups of students were fighting each other at one time.

Sweetwater Police Chief Brian Freida said that the first fight began off-campus before school started.

It appears that all of the fights were planned because a cell phone video recording started just before a fifteen-year-old Sweetwater High School freshman was tackled on a stairway while heading to class.

Both the instigator of the fight and the student that was tackled tumbled down the stairs, where they continued to fight before eventually being broken up.

Nicole Morrison is mother of the teen who was attacked by the instigator of the fight.

"You would never think anything like that would happen around here, it was like what the heck is going on," said Morrison.

"It kind of fed off itself after the first or second one," said Freida.

In one of the videos of the fights, people can clearly see a Sweetwater police officer trying to break up a fight.

In all, two school resource officers and several Sweetwater police officers were called in to bring order to Sweetwater High School on Friday and teachers also helped to break up some of the fighting.

Videos like the ones featured in this story were banned from Facebook after being posted, including a video featuring an "F-bomb" that was shouted out by a Sweetwater police officer that was trying to verbally restrain a student involved in a fight.

"Get on the ground, get on the [expletive] ground," said the police officer.

"I support my officer's use of using that language, I'd much rather him drop the 'F-bomb' that everyone's talking about than to actually have him go hands or tase," said Freida.

When all of the fighting came to an end, 12 students were arrested and several of them are facing felony charges.

In addition to the arrests that were made, three police officers and several teachers were assaulted.

However, what caused five fights to happen in quick succession of each other?

"Right now, we are trying to figure that all out," said Freida.

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