Severe weather safety tips


The National Weather Service in San Angelo is encouraging everyone to have a tornado drill this week as we prepare for the more active part of our severe weather season.

This government agency has the official responsibility for issuing weather warnings for the majority of our viewing area.

You need to have a plan of what you would do and where you would go if a tornado or damaging winds were about to strike.

It is recommended to have two reliable ways of receiving weather warnings. Tornado Warnings and Flood Warnings can already be received by most cells phones without any extra apps. Just make sure these notifications are turned on.

Other weather warnings and watches can be received with cell phone apps like the free KTXS weather app. Of course, KTXS will bring you the latest weather information on air with our weather crawl and cut ins. Listening to a weather radio or commercial radio are other options.

Some counties and / or cities in our area offer free phone call warning messages. However, you need to sign up for this program on the city or county website.

At school, students should follow their teachers’ instructions when a tornado warning is issued.

At work or home, it is best to take shelter on the lowest floor, in a small interior room, avoiding windows. A closet, hallway or bathroom are some examples of safer locations.

If you don’t have time to move, get under sturdy furniture - a desk or a table or workbench. When you are in your safe place, stay low and cover your head and neck with your arms.

If outdoors, move to the closest sturdy building or get into your car, buckle your seat belt and put your head below the windows.

You need to be ready to act. You probably won't have time to clean out a closet.

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