Video and pictures show trash left behind at Lake Fort Phantom

An Abilene mother who lives near Lake Fort Phantom snapped photos and filmed a video of trash left behind by lake-goers over the weekend.

Chloe Dillard, who is originally from Australia, said that she enjoys her home near the lake, but every weekend, trash is left on the grounds surrounding it.

Dillard decided to take photos and video of the trash and posted it on Facebook on Sunday.

The video that Dillard uploaded to Facebook shows a bag filled with trash, plastic bottles, cans and a broken tent.

"I mean, honestly, I would just love for everyone to be able to pick up our own trash and have respect for the family that wants to come out the next day," Dillard said.

Dillard and her family have lived near Lake Fort Phantom for about three years and she said that they do not get to go to the lake as often as they would like to.

"We have a boat and we actually don't even come on this lake anymore because it does feel so nasty to be out here," Dillard said.

When she took the photos, Dillard said that it was the worst condition that she had ever seen the lake in.

Rick Tomlin, who works for the City of Abilene, said that if anyone has any issues with trash or illegal dumping, they should report it to the Abilene City Marshals Division.

Tomlin said that they have Lake Patrol officers who watch the lake area for issues, but "the scope of their duties are much wider than simply looking for trash, so it can be a challenge."

When it comes to the lake, Dillard said that she just wants something to be done about the overabundance of garbage.

"I would love it if us as the human race would do it ourselves and we didn't have to bring the attention to it to have to reach out to someone bigger and you know, have to monitor us," Dillard said.

Dillard said that she is not asking for people to pick up after others, but just after themselves.

To report trash or illegal dumping around the lake area, people can contact the Abilene City Marshals Division at (325) 676-4681.

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