Wind turbines that could benefit Callahan County could interfere with weather radars

Wind energy is no stranger to West Texas, but one potential new wind farm in Callahan County may bring money to Baird ISD while also causing concerns for regional weather forecasters.

"We've had a little situation with Dyess about the radar located in Moran [about] where to put the windmills so it doesn't interfere," said Callahan County Judge Roger Corn.

Tall objects near the weather radar can block what the radar sees when scanning at lower levels and "ground clutter" is already seen from the radar at Dyess Air Force Base due to a wind farm to the west of the radar.

The wind farm is projected to sit between Baird and Clyde, with nearly all of it being situated on Baird ISD property.

"They reap the benefits, I guess they'll get some money out of it over about a 10-year period," said Corn.

The wind company that is going to be running the wind farm, KC Wind LLC, is also receiving a tax abatement for the farm.

"So rather than just giving the percentage abatement, we're giving the wind farm, they will pay us a certain amount of money and rather than just cut the taxes," said Corn.

According to Corn, the wind turbines are still about two years away from becoming a reality and he also said that Callahan County, KC Wind LLC and Dyess Air Force Base are working together to figure out the best plan going forward for the wind farm.

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