Police identify 5 arrested in Brownwood drug bust

Delsie Darnell

BROWNWOOD, Texas -- More than 20 officers stormed into a Brownwood home Tuesday and arrested five people in a meth bust.

Located in the 1900 block of 4th Street, the home is mere yards away from the Boys and Girls Club of Brown County.

The raid was executed in a joint operation by the Brownwood Police Department and Brown County Sheriff's Office. The Early Police Department and Texas Rangers also assisted in the bust.

Acey Sliger, 40; Lisa Gross, 31; Rachel Perez, 33; Brian Sims, 44; and Delsie Darnell, 46, were all charged with possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone, according to court documents. All five are from Brownwood and were escorted out the house in handcuffs without incident.

Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill said investigators had been watching the house for the last three weeks.

"After the information we've received and the execution of this warrant, there's no doubt this is a drug house," Hill said.

Hill said law enforcement found needles and syringes and 67 grams of methamphetamine.

Several neighbors, who declined speaking on camera, told KTXS they had seen people regularly visit the suspected drug house throughout the night.

Hill said they conducted a no-knock search warrant and broke the home’s door down.

Brownwood Police Chief Terry Nichols said people need to call law enforcement when they suspect illegal activities are taking place in their neighborhood.

"Right across the street is a Boys and Girls Club. We have syringes out in the gutter and you can see the volume of drug use in this neighborhood," Nichols said.

Investigators discovered the meth scattered throughout the home, including locating several baggies in the master bedroom, according to court documents.

"The more of these people we can put in jail and the more drugs we can get off these streets, the better this community will be," Hill said.

Nichols said despite the amount of meth seized, he hopes these arrests will send a message.

"Letting the people that are buying, the end users, understand that we will come after you as well," Nichols said. "If you have a problem like this in your neighborhood calls because we'll come. As you see today, we'll come."

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