Bangs teenager arrested for possessing nude photos of underage girls

    Austin McGee

    A 19-year-old from Bangs is out of jail after he was arrested on two counts of possession of child pornography on Thursday.

    Austin McGee, 19, of Bangs, was booked into the Brown County Jail on Thursday and posted a $20,000 bond on the same day, according to jail records.

    A complaint filed through the Brown County Court-at-Law's Office, which was obtained by KTXS News on Friday, details the allegations that led to McGee’s arrest.

    In May, a Brown County Sheriff's Office investigator responded to a case of a runaway juvenile from the Lake Brownwood area.

    Although she was eventually found in Abilene, a follow-up investigation revealed that the juvenile ran away from home because she was ashamed of being "sexually active with Austin McGee," according to court documents.

    The girl told investigators that McGee asked for her to send him nude photos via social media and text messages.

    In response to the girl's allegations, the Brown County Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant to download material from McGee's phone, which led to the discovery of several nude photos of underage girls.

    According to court documents, a 14-year-old girl, who claimed to be 15 years old at the time, sent McGee several nude photos from September of 2017 to January of 2018.

    Another girl who was 13 years old also sent McGee several nude photos.

    Both girls told investigators that McGee "did not care about their age and was persistent in requesting nude photographs from them," according to court documents.

    McGee admitted to law enforcement that he requested nude photos from "multiple females" and that he would also send them nude photos of himself.

    McGee would not specify the female's ages or their identities to investigators, according to court documents.

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