Blanket ISD attorney says school board didn't follow protocol in decision to fire AD

The attorney for the Blanket Independent School District is clarifying a decision the school board made nearly two weeks ago to fire its athletic director and head football coach.

Blanket ISD Superintendent David Whisenhunt said the school district's attorney advised him that the school board didn't follow proper procedure when it tried getting rid of Coach Brent Williamson.

In a press release issued Saturday, Whisenhunt said there was a misunderstanding in the board’s action to terminate or non-renew Coach Williamson's probationary contract.

"All previous information indicating that the Blanket ISD would be employing Mr. Williamson beyond the 2017-2018 school year was incorrect," Whisenthunt said. "Such a determination has not been made by the Board of Trustees."

The attorney for the school district advised them state school law requires the board to have a separate vote to terminate Williamson's probationary contract, according to Whisenhunt. On Feb. 12, the Board of Trustees voted 5-2 not to renew Williamson's contract.

However, the Board of Trustees cannot fire Williamson because its members tried doing without holding a second vote, according to Whisenhunt.

The superintendent said he has asked the school district's attorney to review the minutes of the Feb. 12 school board meeting to make sure that proper procedures were followed at the meeting.

Blanket's school board will be holding a meeting Monday at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria to discuss Williamson's contract.

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