Blanket school board meeting on fired coach canceled after 4 members don't show

blanket isd town hall.jpg

BLANKET, Texas -- The Blanket Independent School District Board of Trustees had scheduled a special meeting Monday to reconsider the firing of its athletic director after receiving backlash from the community.

But because four board members didn’t show up, no action could be taken.

Steve Schulze, Sherry Gill, Vicky Jenkins, and Mary Wilson missed the meeting called to discuss Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Brent Williamson’s contract.

On Feb. 12 the board of trustees voted 5-2 not to renew Williamson's contract.

But Saturday, Blanket ISD's attorney said the board didn't follow proper procedure in terminating Williamson's probationary contract.

With the four board members not showing up, the meeting turned into a town hall with several students voicing their opinion in support of keeping Williamson.

"When I broke my ankle, I was devastated because I thought my senior year was over. But, he was the one that calmed me down... I'm sorry," Emily Furry, a Blanket High School senior, said as she was crying.

Board members Chris Furry and Beth Bowyer said they are hoping to meet before the regularly scheduled meeting on March 19.

KTXS will have a follow up on this story Tuesday.

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