Blanket school board members who skipped meeting on AD's firing decline to comment

The head football coach and athletic director for the Blanket Independent School District still doesn't know if he'll have a job at the end of this academic year.

Four out of the seven members of Blanket ISD’s board of trustees didn't attend a special meeting Monday that was called to reconsider coach Brent Williamson's firing.

Because only three showed up, there wasn't enough for a quorum and the meeting was canceled.

KTXS reached out to school board members Steve Schulze, Sherry Gill, Vicky Jenkins, and Mary Wilson for an explanation as to why they didn't attend.

"Well, at this time I'm not going to make any comment on that," Vice President Steve Schulze said Tuesday before he hung up the phone.

Wilson also hung up but not before she suggested KTXS contact Board President James Heard, who attended Monday's meeting.

"If you need to speak to someone with our school board, you need to call the president and his name is James Heard," Wilson said Tuesday.

Heard, Schulze, Gill, Jenkins, and Wilson all voted on Feb. 12 to not renew Williamson's contract after only one year of coaching.

However, the school district’s attorney said the board didn't follow the proper procedure when it dismissed Williamson.

Beth Bowyer and Chris Furry were the two yes votes.

"You can see that from the meeting... how much [students] care, how much the parents care," Bowyer said. "We even had grandparents and aunts and uncles out here... supporting him."

Furry said he couldn't believe the no votes.

"I was surprised," Furry said.

Williamson's lawyer Tiger Hanner gave Monday's crowd an earful and said the absent board members didn't have the guts to show up.

"For all these years, some of your school board members have been running this school district like it's their own little business," Hanner said.

But one of the most passionate pleas to keep Williamson came from his daughter.

"To him it's more than just a job," Tori Williamson said full of tears. "It's the kids. It's the family, and he loves where he's at, and we all do."

School board members Shelly Hill and Vicky Jenkins didn't respond to multiple calls made by KTXS.

Blanket's next regularly scheduled board meeting is on March 19.

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