Brown County family of nine displaced by house fire

Editor's note: A previous version of this article referred to the Soza family as the Clower family.

The Soza family was two months away from celebrating five years since they had moved to the Tamarack Mountain area of Lake Brownwood.

The Soza's had spent 30 years living in the West Texas town of Andrews.

However, those plans went up in smoke on Saturday when a house fire displaced all nine members of the family.

"To be honest, devastating," Jennifer Clower, who'd been living in the mobile home, said on Monday in describing how she felt looking at the charred debris.

Sharon Soza, who owned the mobile home with her husband, had a hard time conveying her feelings.

"I don't know what to feel," Soza said. "It's just a little bit of everything."

An electrical issue is being blamed for the blaze, which occurred on Saturday on the 2000 block Greenbriar Drive in Lake Brownwood.

Brownwood Fire Marshal Buddy Preston told KTXS News that the fire started at a power strip located inside the home and quickly spread across the home.

The fire spread so quickly, in fact, that family members did not have a chance to save their two small dogs.

Five adults and four children lived inside of the mobile home.

Clower said that the kids have been deeply affected by the house fire.

"They're not taking it very well, they don't understand," Clower said. "They're so young, they cried."

Soza acknowledged that the family is in desperate need of clothing, since they lost all of the clothing that they owned in the blaze.

"There's nothing, so I don't know where to start," Soza said.

The only clothing that the family has now are the ones that they were wearing the day of the fire.

In the meantime, some family members are staying with friends, but they do need help to clear the charred debris and rebuild.

The Soza family did not have insurance and they are currently working to convert a garage into a temporary home.

Anyone interested in helping them out can do so by visiting this GoFundMe page:

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