Brownwood attorney Bill Ruth shares his side of the story about his recent arrest

Bill Ruth

Well-known Brownwood lawyer Bill Ruth remained behind bars on Monday after being found in contempt of court.

According to court documents, Ruth had 60 days to comply with a judge's orders and failed to do so.

Ruth failed to pay attorney's fees and answer specific court questions as ordered to do so by a judge in Brown County.

The legal actions taken against Ruth all stem from a $9,000 civil lawsuit that he lost that he filed against Memorial Park Medical Center over property that he and his wife owned, according to court documents obtained by KTXS.

Those same court documents also said that Ruth refused to acknowledge the final judgement and was also accused of filing malicious court motions and pleas to obstruct justice.

Ruth was also ordered to spend 30 days in the Brown County Jail and pay $6,500 in fines.

Ruth was charged with assault on a public servant, resisting arrest, evading arrest and contempt of court when he was picked up by authorities on Friday, two months after he was found in contempt of court and given time to provide the court with the attorney's fees and the answers to the specific questions that he was asked by the judge in Brown County.

KTXS reporter John Rupolo spoke with Ruth at the Brown County Jail on Monday, and Ruth said that he was guilty of the contempt of court charges, but not guilty of the other three charges that were filed against him.

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