Brownwood community comes together after family loses everything in Christmas Eve fire

    (Scott Martin/KTXS)

    A Brownwood couple lost everything they owned in a fire on Christmas Eve.

    Wesley Scantling and his girlfriend Donna told KTXS that they were in disbelief when their home on Golding Road in Brownwood went up in flames.

    "And now it's completely gone," Scantling stated.

    The couple had lived at the home for years.

    Everything the family owned was destroyed, including the new beds that they had bought for their four children.

    Wesley got a call on Monday around noon that his home was on fire, and when he arrived, the home was engulfed in flames.

    "Nothing but fire, smoke, and firefighters everywhere," Scantling recalled.

    The home is now completely charred on the inside.

    Scantling refers to the experience as a "bad dream that you can't wake up from."

    The community of Brownwood has now come together to reach out and provide help to the family. Citizens have begun donating clothing and other items the family needs.

    The city of Brownwood plans to demolish the remains of the structure and remove all the debris. The focus now is on the future.

    "It's gonna be a slow process," said Scantling.

    If anyone would like to donate to the family, visit this link:

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