Brownwood family's stolen horses returned after being reported missing on social media


    A Brownwood woman and her children have been reunited with some special horses thanks to the power of social media.

    Jeannie Gotcher made a post about the horses on Facebook when they were stolen this past weekend and after nearly 100,000 shares, the horses have finally made it home.

    A total of four horses were stolen from Gotcher’s ranch, which belong to the children that she adopted from foster care.

    The horses are used for therapy and one of them even competed in the state 4-H competition.

    "They've taught these kids compassion, they taught them how to love something," said Gotcher.

    On Wednesday morning, the horses were still missing, leaving Gotcher and her children with many different emotions.

    "I'm angry, and not only did you do that, but my kids don't even feel safe now," said Gotcher.

    However, Gotcher’s top priority was always to find the horses and the person who took them.

    "I can promise you, I will not stop until you get caught," Gotcher said.

    The horses are worth thousands of dollars, but they are priceless to Gotcher and her family.

    "These horses are irreplaceable to us, they're part of our family” said Gotcher.

    Gotcher reached out to KTXS News on Wednesday afternoon and stated that her daughter had went home around lunchtime, went out to the back of the ranch and saw the horses back there.

    “Horses have been returned, beat up some, but home," Gotcher said.

    Gotcher is not sure how they got back home, but she is just glad that they made it back home.

    The following is a statement that Gotcher made to KTXS News after hearing about the good news of her horses being returned to her ranch, which can be read in full below:

    “I am very happy for the kiddos. I don’t know if it was a change of heart or just out of desperation in not wanting to be caught because so many people were helping find them. They are a little banged up, but I am glad they are home. Kinley said God is good, and I agree. I would still like to know where they were and who had them.”

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