Brownwood ISD hosts its first-ever prom for special needs students

The Brownwood Independent School District set about to create a magical event on Friday and they achieved just that by getting a larger-than-expected turnout for its first-ever special needs prom.

The prom was held inside of Brownwood High School's auxiliary gym, with special needs students from Brownwood, Early, Brady, Coleman and San Saba being invited to attend it.

The theme of Friday’s prom was "Hollywood: lights, camera, action."

Mitzi Cockerham's high school class helped put together the event.

Cockerham is the education and training teacher and serves as the Texas Association of Future Educators teacher leader.

"This has been very emotional, just to see the kids have this opportunity," Cockerham said. "I want my kids to know that feeling, it's a good feeling. I want the other kids to know that there are people out there who care."

According to a press release, Brownwood ISD administrators wanted special needs students from the Brownwood area to have the opportunity to dress up and socialize “with age appropriate peers."

All of the food and t-shirts provided at the prom were donated by businesses in Brownwood and Early.

Cockerham said that they are planning to hold another prom for special needs students next year and are currently working on a theme for next year's special needs prom.

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