Brownwood PD & Brown County SO cracking down on illegal gambling establishments

A letter was sent by three Brown County law enforcement agencies to several Brownwood establishments that may possibly be engaging in illegal gambling operations.

Brownwood Police Chief Terry Nichols publicly released the letter, which was dated July 5, on Tuesday.

Nichols said that law enforcement personnel have received numerous complaints from citizens regarding businesses operating eight-liner style gaming machines.

Nichols' letter states that the Brownwood Police Department and the Brown County Sheriff's Office will be investigating "your business, and others like yours, in the very near future."

"If we determine that your business is being operated illegally, we will collectively take all legally available action against your business," Nichols said in the letter.

A business will not know that it is being investigated "until it is concluded because it will be conducted covertly."

An eight-liner machine is illegal under current state law if it pays out cash or exceeds the statutory minimum prize amount, according to the letter.

Nichols said that they are seeking voluntary compliance “with the law to avoid potential criminal and civil penalties for operating an illegal gambling business.”

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