Chlorine levels at Brownwood's city pools are above minimum requirements

With many families visiting pools during the summer months, KTXS News decided to examine the most recent health inspections for several Big Country pools.

Through an open records request, KTXS News obtained the inspection records for both of Brownwood's city pools: the Camp Bowie Family Aquatic Center and the Wiggins Pool.

Brownwood’s largest pool, the Camp Bowie Family Aquatic Center, has seen about 13,750 visitors so far this season, according to Brownwood City Manager Emily Crawford.

The records collected by KTXS News detail the amount of chlorine, which is the chemical used to kill bacteria, that both pools have.

Crawford said that the City of Brownwood aims for a target of 1.5 ppm of chlorine, with the chlorine levels required to be somewhere between 1 ppm and 8 ppm.

"We have our pool manager, who takes a chemical sample every two hours that the pools are open," Crawford said. "And basically, what we're looking for in that is going to be the chlorine levels."

Last week, KTXS News reported that Abilene's pools met the minimum standard for chlorine levels, but that is not the case for Brownwood's pools.

According to the inspection records, Camp Bowie had 5 ppm of chlorine when it was inspected on June 28, exceeding the minimum standard for chlorine levels.

The Wiggins Pool was inspected on June 26 and its chlorine level was recorded to be at 2.5 ppm.

However, the City of Brownwood does not solely rely on its own staff to analyze chlorine levels because once or twice a week, the City of Brownwood takes its pool water to be examined by a third-party vendor, according to Crawford.

"They run up a full analysis and they come back and make any kind of recommendations," Crawford said.

Crawford said that the work is done by Brownwood Janitorial and the reason that they check over the pools' chlorine levels is solely for the public’s safety.

Brownwood's pools close during the first week of August.

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