Brown County sheriff issues warning to gun owners after mother shot, other close calls

Brown County Sheriff Vance Hill

BROWN COUNTY, Texas – Brown County’s sheriff issued an alert Thursday asking gun owners to use extreme caution when firing weapons.

Sheriff Vance Hill’s warning comes in the wake of deputies spending the past two weeks responding to five calls from residents concerned about the irresponsible discharge of firearms.

One of the incidents involved a woman – with small children by her side – who was shot outside her home. That shot came from approximately 700 yards away.

"Callers are reporting they could hear nearby gunshots with the whizzing of projectiles passing by," Hill said. "Three of the calls have been tracked down to shooters firing into an unsafe berm or backstop."

Hill added, "The others have been from neighbors discharging firearms with a lack of concern or [with] preconceived notions [that] the projectile will not travel as far as it did."

According to the sheriff's office, a shooter is responsible both criminally and civilly for any injury or damage that a gunshot causes.

Texas law prohibits a projectile from crossing into another person's property or a public roadway.

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