Police arrest man near Brown County Courthouse with reportedly 18 grams of meth

Colt Justin Greenrock

The arrest of a wanted person by investigators led to the arrest of another man in the parking lot of the Brown County Courthouse on several drug charges, according to the Brownwood Police Department.

Colt Justin Greenrock, 21, of Brownwood, bonded out of the Brown County Jail on Wednesday after law enforcement officers reportedly found 18 grams of methamphetamine on him.

Greenrock faces charges of possession of a controlled substance with an intent to deliver in a drug-free zone, possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, according to Brownwood Assistant Police Chief James Fuller.

A Brownwood Police Department police report stated that on Tuesday, narcotics investigators and the Brown County Sheriff's Office visited the Brown County Courthouse's parking lot to follow up on an arrest that they had just made of a wanted subject.

During their investigation, law enforcement officers found Greenrock's vehicle parked and altered "in a way that is consistent with a stolen vehicle," according to the police report.

Police determined that the vehicle that Greenrock was driving was a vehicle that had previously been reported as being stolen in Dallas.

Greenrock was asked by police to exit the vehicle, which is when police officers noticed that he began shoving his left arm behind his back to hide something, according to the report.

Police said that investigators discovered a plastic Ziploc bag with 18 grams of meth and several small blue tablets of an anti-anxiety medication called Xanax.

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