Zephyr ISD refuses to release details over its settlement for faulty turf

The Zephyr Independent School District has settled a lawsuit over the installation of faulty turf on their football field, but is refusing to release details of the agreement.

According to a press release on Zephyr ISD's website, the school settled its $1 million lawsuit in November of 2017 with GC Carter Construction and other third-party defendants.

Zephyr ISD had alleged the defendants installed faulty turf at its football stadium.

The school will use the settlement toward payment for its new synthetic turf, according to the press release.

Zephyr ISD voted in June 2017 to pay $368,000 for a company to install a new synthetic turf playing surface, since the Zephyr Bulldogs did not get to play one home football game during all of 2016.

In 2015, Zephyr ISD sued the Fort Worth-based company that put in its turf.

Zephyr ISD Superintendent Stanton Marowitz told KTXS that he won't be releasing any details of the agreement or how much money the school has received.

KTXS has submitted an open records request with Zephyr ISD to get the details of the faulty turf settlement.

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