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Restaurant owner arrested for defying lockdown

(Photo: CNN Newsource)
(Photo: CNN Newsource)
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TORONTO- A restaurant owner in Toronto is facing criminal charges for trying to defy rules forbidding indoor dining.

Police were called to the scene following his arrest as a crowd of supporters gathered.

"At 6 o'clock this morning, with the assistance of the city, the locks were changed at the premises and all persons were restricted from access to the premises," said Supt. Dominic Sinopoli of the Toronto Police.

Owner Adam Skelly arrived just before 8 o'clock to find the parking lot blocked by police.

After a brief conversation, police allowed Skelly to access the parking lot.

Moments later, he punched a pass code into the backdoor and is able to gain access to the building.

He was seen bringing in food through the back door, presumably food he intended to sell.

"During the process of him entering, they broke through the drywall and entered entered the restaurant proper," said Supt. Dominic Sinopoli.

Throughout the morning, Skelly's supporters began to arrive, gathering outside the restaurant.

Inside, Skelly was seen trying to open the doors that have been locked by police.

At one point, he even put out a call for a locksmith on social media.

Just before 12:30, with Skelly still attempting to open, mounted police arrived.

They stormed the restaurant to disburse the crowd while other uniformed officers arrested Skelly, as well as another man who tried to intervene.

"He faces one count of attempt to obstruct police, 1 count of mischief, he also faces a count of failing to comply with a continued order under the Reopening Ontario Act," said Supt. Dominic Sinopoli.

Police say that other man spat at police and made death threats.

Both men are due in court Friday for bail hearings.

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