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Dog owner shocked after attack in Cisco

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CISCO, Texas - We have a follow up to a story we told you Monday about a girl who was attacked by a pit bull and the responding Cisco police officer who shot himself in the leg while trying to shoot the dog.

" I have yet to sleep a good night, " said Kayla Wright, the dog ' s owner. " It's just been tough on us. "

Wright was referring to what happened Saturday morning, when her beloved rescue pit bull, Prince, somehow got out and attacked the girl.

" It's like losing a child, and when you pull up in your yard and you see him lying in the yard -- it's not something that you ever want to see, " Wright said.

Cisco officer Thomas Stiles shot himself in the leg during the incident.

" His gun went off -- the first round and went through his leg, and then he was still able to maintain his composure and fire off two more rounds because the dog was still coming, " said Cisco Police Chief Scott McAuley.

McAuley said both the girl who was attacked and the officer are recovering and will be ok.

" We have to pay the medical bills, " Wright said. " You know we take full responsibility. "

Wright doesn't know how much those medical bills will be. For now, they're still grieving for Prince, a dog she considered a son. He hadn't reached his first birthday yet.

" He was loving, " Wright said. " My girls played with him. They pulled his ears. He was a very loving dog, and for him to do this, it just blows me away. It's very tough. "

Stiles was taken to a Fort Worth hospital by helicopter so those medical bills could be very expensive.

McAuley said Stiles will be off for about seven days and then will return to light duty.

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