2014 accident: Injured passenger sues driver, City of Abilene for $1 million in damages

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ABILENE, Texas - An Abilene mother is looking for justice after her son was badly hurt in a car accident nearly four years ago.

Cory Almanza was a football player at Abilene High School. One day in May 2014, Jesus Verastegui was driving a car that rammed into the back of a City of Abilene garbage truck.

Almanza, sitting in the front right seat, and one other passenger were in a Chevy Suburban. Verastegui and the other passenger were taken to the hospital but Cory sustained the worst injuries.

He was in a coma for about four months.

After waking, he underwent rehab for months and achieved his goal of being able to walk across the stage at his high school graduation in 2015 to personally accept his diploma.

In April 2016, Ruby Flores pursued a civil law suit against the driver of the car and the City of Abilene.

According to court documents, Flores is suing for damages of more than $1 million.

Jury selection and opening statements began today for the civil case.

The trial is expected to last three days.

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