23 arrested for running drug ring out of former chicken restaurant in Hamilton

Almost two dozen people have been arrested after Central Texas authorities went undercover into a drug ring that included black tar heroin being sold from a small-town chicken restaurant drive-through window.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said Wednesday that 20 people have been arrested for felony delivery of a controlled substance. And while serving warrants, officials also arrested three other people and charged them with possession of a controlled substance.

Sheriff's officials said that the focus of the undercover operation began targeting methamphetamine suppliers in October 2016. During the operation, they also discovered that black tar heroin was being sold from a now-closed Bush's Chicken in Hamilton.

Officials say several of the suspects were actual or self-proclaimed members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

NOTE: The Hamilton Bush’s Chicken was owned by a different franchisee than the San Antonio locations.

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