41 indicted by Taylor County grand jury

A Taylor County grand jury indicted 41 people on Thursday on charges ranging from assault of a public servant to indecency with a child by contact.

Those indicted include:

1. Odis Lamonte McKnight – Robbery

2. Odis Lamonte McKnight – Robbery

3. Terri Gaye Hamilton – Possession Of Methamphetamine

4. Lance Davis McCormick – Possession Of Methamphetamine

5. Ashley Nicole Meehean – Possession Of Methamphetamine

6. Coty Dean Treadwell – Assault Family Violence

7. Torrey Hoover – Unlawful Possession Of Firearm By Felon (One Prior)

8. Jose Felix Castillo – Possession Of Cocaine

9. Manuel Salazar Martinez – Possession Of Methamphetamine

10. Ezequiel Gutierrez – Possession Of Methamphetamine

11. Latreveon Devon Austin – Injury To A Child (Three Paragraphs)

12. Rita Ann Norwood – Driving While Intoxicated

13. Andrew Richard Montoya – Possession Of Tetrahydrocannabinol

14. Craigory Deshawn Wright – Assault Family Violence, 2nd Count Assault Family Violence Enhanced

15. Mark James Fernandez – Tamper With Evidence, 2nd Count Possession Of Methamphetamine (One Prior)

16. Samuel Hall – Possession Of Heroin With Intent To Deliver

17. Juan Daniel Holguin – Possession Of Methamphetamine, 2nd Count Possession Of Cocaine

18. Maritza Garcia Gonzalez – Possession Of Cocaine

19. Kaylie Champaigne Ybarra – Possession Of Methamphetamine

20. Aaron Velo Jordan, Jr. – Possession Of Marihuana

21. Sophila Kaye Pierson – Possession Of Marihuana

22. Abraham Torres – Assualt Family Violence

23. George Torres – Possession Of Methamphetamine

24. England Carlton Andrews, V. – Unauthorized Use Of A Motor Vehicle (Two State Jail Priors)

25. Gregory Scott Henry – Possession Of Methamphetamine

26. Brooks Lee Turnbow – Indecency With Child By Contact

27. Jason Louis Torres – Assault Family Violence Enhanced

28. Christopher Lupe Galvan – Assault Of A Public Servant (Two Counts)

29. Juanita Magana – Forgery

30. Demarques Donte Taylor – Forgery (Two State Jail Priors)

31. Jerry Loran Williams – Possession Of Heroin

32. Bridgette Renea McGee – Possession Of Methamphetamine

33. John Applin – Forgery

34. Derek Anthony Broadnax – Credit Card Abuse

35. Krystin Michelle Herron – Possession Of Methamphetamine

36. TJ Paul Helser – Possession Of Methamphetamine, 2nd Count Endanger A Child (One Prior)

37. Gloretha Denise Allen – Aggravated Robbery, 2nd Count Robbery

38. Erica Meier – Possession Of Heroin, 2nd Count Possession Of Methadone

39. David Brent Adams – Aggravated Assault

40. Mary Lee Webster aka Mary Lee Savord aka Mary Savord – Theft Enhanced

41. Mary Lee Webster aka Mary Lee Savord aka Mary Savord – Theft Enhanced

42. Mary Lee Webster aka Mary Lee Savord aka Mary Savord – Theft Enhanced

43. Ricky Ray Johnson – Theft (Two State Jail Priors)

44. Jerry Loran Williams – Possession Of Heroin

45. Justin Craig Goodman – Interference With Child Custody

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