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5-year-old girl receives birthday surprise from San Angelo police officer

 Khloe Ramirez (Courtesy: Christina Miller)
Khloe Ramirez (Courtesy: Christina Miller)
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A 5-year-old girl received a birthday surprise from a San Angelo police officer.

Khloe Ramirez had a hard time understanding why people couldn't come over for her birthday last weekend.

“I had to explain to her that we were going to have a party for her but she wasn’t really going to have any guests,” said Khloe's mom, Christina Miller.

Miller threw a birthday party that included a drive-by parade with friends and family.

But mo one was expecting what happened next.

“We kind of thought we maybe had too many cars or somebody called in because we were being too loud,” said Miller.

But San Angelo police officer Johnathon Montana was not there because of a 911 call.

Montana crashed the party and gave Khloe a special surprise.

“He could've went by and waved or honked, but he decided that he wanted to sing happy birthday to her,” said Miller.

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