A second airline could be coming to Abilene Regional Airport soon

Abilene Regional Airport has been handling flights from American Airlines for many years that have been directly connecting passengers to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which in turn connects travelers to dozens of other destinations across the globe.

However, competition might soon be in the air with the possibility of a second airline potentially conducting flights out of Abilene Regional Airport.

The City of Abilene held a meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss the possibility of a second airline serving Abilene Regional Airport.

KTXS News spoke with an expert, who said that having more airlines serving Abilene Regional Airport could be better for travelers.

"Abilene has one airline, [which is] basically a monopoly, and so, fares are higher than they [would] probably be otherwise," said Martin Kammerman, an aviation consultant for the City of Abilene.

Abilene Regional Airport is currently served by just one airline.

However, with low airport costs, full airplanes and higher ticket prices, the City of Abilene could see another airline potentially serving Abilene Regional Airport in the near future.

"Competition, one of the good things about it [is] that it generally lowers prices and provides more possibilities for customers," Kammerman said.

Kammerman said that having another airline potentially serving Abilene Regional Airport would be highly beneficial for the City of Abilene.

"The best version that I believe that we would have for Abilene would be something that isn't radically different than what we have today, just more of it with a different airline that would offer a little bit of a different service,” said Kammerman.

Many Abilene residents prefer to drive to the airports in the Metroplex for cheaper flight prices, regardless of the gas prices, parking prices and the amount of wear and tear that they put on their cars.

The average price of a plane ticket from Abilene Regional Airport to the most common final destination for people that use the airport, Las Vegas, is $322.

Flying to Las Vegas directly from the Metroplex is about half the cost of that at $114, but if people from the Big Country were to drive to the Metroplex to catch the same flight, it would cost them another $187 in mileage, based on the current IRS rate for mileage, which would make the ticket price for flying directly from Abilene to Las Vegas around $242, potentially saving people $80 on the flight alone or $267 when they factor in the cost of driving to the Metroplex.

Kammerman said that United Airlines could potentially become the next airline to start serving Abilene Regional Airport by providing flights to Houston, where travelers can potentially continue on to a variety of destinations all over the world.

Kammerman also said that the City of Abilene is on the right path to landing a new airline, but they just do not know when it will come to Abilene Regional Airport.

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