Witness speaks out about officer-involved shooting in Snyder

(Jesse Smith/KTXS)

A Snyder woman and her family witnessed a deadly shooting on Thursday involving a police officer.

The officer shot and killed a male suspect after responding to call regarding a suspicious person.

Donna Lentz stated that the incident happened quickly, but she remembers the night all too well.

"It was a scary deal last night," neighbor Donna Lentz said.

Lentz mentioned that the incident happened around 6:30 p.m on the 3600 block of Jacksboro Avenue. "My son came in saying there was yelling and stuff."

Lentz reported that she saw a female Snyder Police Officer, identified as Whitney Merket, and a male suspect in a disagreement.

"He was yelling 'Shoot me. Shoot me,' and the officer replied 'I'm going to shoot you, shoot you if you don't get down on the ground," Lentz recalled.

It was then that Lentz remembered seeing the victim begin to chase Merket, resulting in Merket firing her gun and killing the suspect.

"I mean we were scared when it all happened you know," said Lentz. She continued, "But, thankfully the officer was able to do her job and protect herself. You know, that's the big thing."

Lentz added that she witnessed several emergency personnel arrive at the scene.

"Lights, ambulances, firetrucks, and stuff," Lentz said, "Oh yes, and I mean my kids the one who seen it they'll remember it too."

The Snyder Police Department issued a news release that coincides with Lentz's account.

The suspect's body was taken to Lubbock for an autopsy. His name is not released to the public.

The Texas Rangers are investigating the case.

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