Abilene City Council approves 2019 general fund budget

On Thursday, the Abilene City Council approved a general fund budget of $98,650,350 for the 2019 fiscal year.

Last year’s fiscal year budget was $97,833,200, which was $817,150 less than this year’s fiscal year budget.

"We're doing a 2% across the board pay increase for all employees. We're also doing some transfers to the minor improvement fund to help fund future maintenance issues," said City of Abilene Director of Finance Mike Rains.

The Abilene City Council also approved a tax rate for the 2019 fiscal year.

“The tax rate will be .7722 per $100, it's actually a tax decrease from last year. However, because the values went up, it's considered a 2.8% tax increase. Our effective rate was .7513, which would have brought in the same amount of taxes as last year if we used that rate," Rains said.

Property values have increased, which allowed the Abilene City Council to lower the tax rate, according to Rains, but the average property owner is paying more in city taxes.

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