Abilene City Council will discuss bid to replace all city telephones

    Abilene City Council will discuss bid to replace all city telephones<p>{/p}

    Thursday morning, Abilene City Council will discuss a bid to replace all outdated city telephones throughout Abilene.

    TeleCom Unlimited, the company that has put up the bid of over $460,000 to fix the telephones, is a local company in Abilene.

    "TeleCom Unlimited is a local firm. For $468,509 they will replace the cities phone systems," Abilene City Manager Robert Hanna stated.

    The city said that after receiving multiple proposals, they believed that the TeleCom Unlimited proposal provided the best value for the city. The telephones that are currently in need of replacement are extremely outdated. The new telephones will be placed inside all city offices and will go into the new law enforcement center.

    "It's important that we get this improved, so we can continue the work of outfitting the new public safety building," mentioned Hanna.

    Hanna stated that the telephones are so old and outdated that the city has had a hard time finding parts to fix them.

    "They don't make parts for them anymore, and so we have to go hunt for parts sometimes on eBay and other places like that," claimed Hanna.

    Hanna told KTXS that there are thousands of phones that need replacing. If approved, the city will be asking that the project be completed by the end of May 2019.

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