Abilene police arrest 3 teenagers accused of setting chicken on fire


    Abilene police arrested three teenagers accused of setting a chicken on fire.

    Jaden Jonathan Blake, 18, and Kallan Jack Christopher, 17, were arrested Thursday morning and charged with animal cruelty.

    Kallan Christopher (Taylor County Jail)

    A 16-year-old was arrested Tuesday.

    Police say the three doused a chicken with a flammable liquid, set it on fire and watched it burn to death.

    According to court documents, a school resource officer saw video of the incident on social media on Jan. 21.

    He identified Christopher as the one who set the chicken on fire and Blake as the one who shot the video.

    Jaden Blake (Taylor County Jail)

    In the video, one of the teens shouts, "Mr. Chicken's gonna die!"

    He then repeatedly screams, "Oh my God!" followed by laughter.

    A second voice is heard asking, "Why did we do that? That was awful!"

    Abilene police were notified Jan. 22.

    Police say Christopher admitted the chicken was his, that he put lighter fluid on it and set it on fire.

    According to the documents, Blake admitted he shot the video and that he had driven the three to the location which was a county road near Christopher's house in Wylie.

    Blake and Christopher's bond was set at $5,000.

    Blake was released Thursday.

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