Abilene police arrest Grinch who tried to steal Christmas

Sharmila Ramachandran, 46, was arrested during December 2017 for allegedly stealing packages from her neighbors.

Abilene police arrested the Grinch who tried to steal Christmas.ABILENE, Texas -

Police say Sharmila Ramachandran, 46, was stealing packages from her neighbors.

On Tuesday, police responded to a home in the 3100 block of Salinas Drive. A man said his home video surveillance system captured one of his neighbors stealing a package from his front porch.

Police served a search warrant at Ramachandran’s home, which is across the street and one house down. They found “numerous packages and mail” that belonged to her neighbors.

According to the arrest report, she had removed the names and addresses from the mail and tried to tear some of it into small pieces.

Ramachandran was arrested and charged with possession of identifying information and tampering with evidence.

She was released Wednesday on bonds totaling $22,500 bond.

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