Abilene skimmer investigation expands to 30 customers from ‘various’ banks

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    UPDATE: The Abilene Police Department said it has identified 30 victims whose debit/credit card information was stolen by a possible skimmer and used to make fraudulent withdrawals from convenience store ATMs.

    Original story

    The Abilene Police Department's investigation of a possible ATM skimmer has expanded beyond just customers of one bank.

    APD spokesman Rick Tomlin says, "there are numerous reports from bank customers from various banks around Abilene who have reportedly been victims."

    Over the weekend, police received several reports from customers of Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union, all of which said that someone withdrew hundreds of dollars from their bank accounts using ATM machines at various convenience stores around Abilene.

    According to incident reports, four people called police on Saturday to report between $180 and $500 was stolen from their accounts.

    A woman who lives in Lubbock told KTXS she contacted Abilene police after money disappeared from her account. She said police told her they've received calls from victims as far away as Oklahoma.

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    The Abilene Police Department is asking anyone who may have been a victim to call (325) 673-8331 to file a police report.

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