Abilene Zoo announces opening of new exhibit featuring African birds

The Abilene Zoo announced the opening of a brand-new exhibit Thursday featuring two bird species from Africa.

The Abilene Zoo unveiled their plans to open up Nakuru Lagoon, a new exhibit that will host African Lesser Flamingos and African Yellow-billed Ducks.

The new exhibit will be located near the zoo's front gate, with a shaded area for zoo visitors, superb landscaping and a waterfall built by the zoo's staff.

African Lesser Flamingos are native to eastern and southern Africa, while African Yellow-billed Ducks are native to southeastern and southern Africa.

Nakuru Lagoon was one of the five projects that was created by Proposition #5 of 2015 City of Abilene Bond Program, which issued over $1 million in funds for Nakuru Lagoon and the other four projects, with private donors providing $1.5 million in additional funding for all five of the projects created by the initiative.

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