About 400 cyclists participate in 2018 Bent Wheel Bash in Abilene

Sunday morning was nothing short of a little friendly competition for local cyclist Brad House.

"My nemesis, Mark Kuithe, he's here today and he's beaten me before and he might beat me today," said House. " I'm nervous actually, I'm in the lead in this series, so that kinda makes me nervous, I'm a target."

Both professional and amateur bikers from all over the place traveled to Buck Creek Trails to participate in day two of this weekend's Bent Wheel Bash, which is raising funds for the Abilene Police Academy and the Abilene Police Department's Bike Unit.

The Bent Wheel Bash shows signs of growth every year it is held.

"This is an awesome event, the Bike Unit and BikeTown and Bent Wheels Bash have partnered together to put this event on we've been putting on for years and each year, it's just grown and getting bigger," said Lt. Joe Tauer.

Sunday's race was the third of eight races being held as a part of the 2018 Texas XC Mountain Bike State Championship Series.

"We have about 400 riders out here today competing for points in a series on a state level," said Jim MacDonald, the owner of BikeTown.

Lt. Tower considers the Bent Wheel Bash to be great family fun.

"This is a family event and that's what's so awesome about it. You've got these families coming in from all over the state and parents competing, kids competing and teens, it's just an awesome event," Tauer said.

Brad House ended up finishing fourth in his respective class in the race.

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