After tax vote, Ranger College can't offer long-term commitment to Brown County


EARLY, Texas - After voters in Brown, Erath, and Comanche counties overwhelmingly rejected a tax increase to expand Ranger College, the school says it can't promise it will be in Brown County in the future.

The final results showed 5,912 people in Brown County voted against the tax annexation while 169 people voted for it.

But the vice president of Ranger College's Brown County campus said the rejection is short-sighted.

Dr. Orlando Moreno said Ranger contributes about $2.1 million a year to the local economy and has created jobs using the school's resources.

He added Ranger had plans to revitalize downtown Brownwood if the annexation passed by purchasing the old Bank of America building.

But with voters rejecting the tax, Moreno said he can't definitively commit whether the school now has plans to stay in Brown County.

"At this point I can't comment on that," Moreno said. "The Ranger Board of Regents will have to make that decision themselves. That's something beyond my pay grade, so to speak."

Moreno said he hopes Ranger College can continue having a positive working relationship in the county.

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