Billing for street maintenance fee begins on January 1

A street maintenance fee will be tacked on to the residents of the City of Abilene's water bills beginning on January 1.

The City of Abilene has sent out letters this week reminding residents about the upcoming fee.

In May, voters supported a street maintenance fee to fix the City of Abilene's roads and now the fee will be implemented soon.

"We have our residences, which will be paying $6.75 per month. We have our apartment complexes, which we call multi-family, and that can be anything from two units or more, they will be paying $6 per unit. Then we have what we call our non-residential or commercial, and those would be based upon the type of business they actually conduct and the type of traffic they generate based upon that business," said Michael Rice, Abilene Assistant City Manager.

Along with the letter, the City of Abilene has provided paperwork for those who believe that they cannot afford to pay their share of the street maintenance fee to fill out.

“If someone wants to apply for that, then they can send in the proper paperwork to Office of Neighborhood Services and they will be reduced from $6.75 down to $1.75 per month," Rice said.

If anybody believes that their share of the street maintenance fee is incorrect, they can send a letter to Abilene City Manager Robert Hanna.

"He'll take a look at that. If he agrees with you, we will adjust that. If he doesn’t agree with you, his decision is final unless it is a question on the type of business you are and you believe the type of business is incorrect," Rice said.

In that case, the individual or the business' request will go through an appeals process with the Street Maintenance Advisory Committee.

Rice said that the City of Abilene could see street improvements by the summer of 2019.

If anybody has any questions about the street maintenance fee, they can click here.

People can also email the City of Abilene at or they can call (325) 437-4546 at any time on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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