Bitter Creek Water Supply says water problem is fixed, but customers still without water


    Bitter Creek Water Supply customers are hoping that their water gets turned back on after going a week without any water.

    Sweetwater residents Antonio Woodard and Donna Kay Huckabee said that this has been a major inconvenience and they want answers from the water company.

    "I just want it fixed. That's all," Woodard said.

    "You know, we're just disappointed and we're aggravated. We're ready to get this fixed," Huckabee said.

    KTXS spoke with the water supply company on Monday afternoon after being told that the pipes airlocked, an issue that they said that they were able to fix.

    "With the help of everyone working together, we finally got the issue worked out and right now, it appears that everything is going good. We're still flushing lines getting water into the system to pressure everything up," said Jeff Posey, Bitter Creek Water Supply Board President.

    Posey told KTXS that the residents should have water by now.

    However, the residents told KTXS that they still do not have any water.

    "It's very embarrassing to welcome somebody into your home from so far away and then being told we don’t have water," Woodard said.

    "I'm so frustrated for myself, but mainly for the community, the elderly and the children that are living out here, and you know, the horses and the cattle and the extra work we are actually having to put in," Huckabee said.

    Sweetwater residents just hope that they can get back to showering in their own homes, hosting family and friends and not having to worry about where to go to the bathroom.

    When the homes finally get their water back, the water supply company said that their customers will need to boil their water until further notice.

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