Brownwood begins process of selling historic Timmins building

Timmins building.jpg

City officials made a few moves this week in an effort to spur economic growth for downtown Brownwood.

After meeting in executive session at Tuesday's city council, Mayor Stephen Haynes agreed to enter into negotiations with the Brownwood Civic Improvement Foundation for the sale of the historic Timmins building.

Located between East Baker and East Lee streets, the organization wants to restore the old building.

"There is no sale taking place today. It's only the authorization of negotiation," Haynes said.

The Brownwood Civic Improvement Foundation is credited for restoring the Depot Civic and Cultural Center.

It's a project the mayor hopes to emulate for the Timmins building.

But Haynes said it was best the city hold off on purchasing the old Weakley-Watson Store on Fisk Avenue and instead focus on selling the Timmins building.

"The purchase maybe a good tie into the restoration project we're talking about," Haynes said.

He added, "These projects may go and hand together and may very well be a great thing for the community."

President Debbie Morelock of the Brownwood Civic Improvement Foundation declined to discuss any specifics about the sale since negotiations just began. But, she said the goal is to generate more sales tax dollars for the city.

City council members hope to reopen talks on buying the Weakley-Watson building once they make headway in selling the Timmins building.

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