Callahan County DA will charge commissioner with misdemeanor for road rage incident

The Callahan County District Attorney tells KTXS News that he plans to file a criminal trespass charge against a commissioner for driving on to a Cross Plains family's front yard and then waving his gun at the family.

A Cross Plains family said that Commissioner Erwin Clark, who is currently running for re-election, brandished a gun at them nearly two months ago during a road rage incident.

"This man's got a gun, we don't know what he's going to do," Casie Morgan said. "It was scary because I have never had this happen."

The incident took place on Friday, Jan. 8, as the Morgan family was driving home from a family outing when their car stopped at the intersection of Avenue A and 1st Street for a stop sign.

Clark also stopped at the same intersection, but along Avenue A, where the street doesn’t have a stop sign.

Casie Morgan said she thought that Clark was going to make a turn, but wanted them to go first. When they drove forward, he tried ramming their vehicle and began following them to their house.

Morgan said Clark then pulled into their front yard and began yelling and cursing at her and her family before brandishing his weapon.

"I worry about school shootings as a teacher, but now I got to worry about some crazy man coming up into my yard," Morgan said.

Furthermore, Morgan's three children, including her 3-year-old daughter, and her husband were outside during the altercation, and the entire family still feels shaken up by what happened to them on that day.

Clark didn’t respond to multiple attempts made by KTXS News for his comment on this story. This has been the second time that he has chosen to ignore KTXS News' request for comment.

Callahan County District Attorney Shane Deel said Thursday that he's preparing the paperwork to file the misdemeanor charges against Clark.

According to Deel, there are still about 30 to 35 misdemeanor cases in front of Clark's case.

Still, Casey Morgan said she doesn't like the criminal trespass charge and that it's people like Clark "that give honest gun owners a bad rep."

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