Cisco ISD now has armed staff members on campus


    Cisco Independent School District is making it known that their schools have armed staff members by posting multiple signs on all of their campuses.

    Over 170 school districts in the State of Texas allow teachers and staff members to carry guns in school, and Cisco ISD is now one of those school districts.

    Parents who live in Cisco told KTXS that they are supportive of the change.

    Jason Miller has a two-year-old daughter, Summer, who will attend Cisco Elementary School in a few years.

    Miller is relieved to know that when it comes time to send his daughter off to school, there will be armed staff members that are prepared for any type of threat.

    "I'm less concerned because that means that there's less of a chance of someone coming into the school and shooting kids, you know, whether it be a student or just a terrorist," Miller said. "She needs to grow up to be my age and older, you know. There's no reason why she should be going to school to get an education and get shot down."

    Tonya Crawford, a grandmother of five kids who all attend Cisco ISD's schools, is also relieved to find out this information because of the school shootings that she hears about on the news.

    "Even though we live in little itty-bitty small town America, you just never know when these things are going to happen, you know, as far as a school shooting. I think it's definitely a step in the right direction," Crawford said. "I love it, I feel like my kids will be a lot safer there."

    Cisco ISD Superintendent Ryan Steele sent KTXS the following statement, “Cisco ISD is part of a growing number of districts in the State of Texas who is considering or have made the decision to arm staff members. This decision is made after careful consideration and the belief that the safety and security of our students is a paramount responsibility of the district."

    The number of staff members that are armed and their locations on campus cannot be disclosed for the safety of the students.

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